How much will a catered event cost me?


Many details are factored when creating and customizing an event as envisioned. Specific information such as date, number of guests, location, particular venues, and number of staff to include chefs, service, wait staff and
TABC certified bartenders.

Dishes, glasses, table linen or linen napkins are all part event planning. Lastly, but not least the type of menu determines the final cost.


Here is an example of particular information needed when contacting My Own Chef via email, phone or website:

  • Date
  • Time (start to finish)
  • Location
  • Number of Guests
    (There is a fixed cost with all catered events so as the party head-count increases the price per person decreases).
  • Menu (plated or buffet)
  • Dietary Restrictions- Gluten free, vegetarian, etc. (Additional fees may apply.)
  • Staffing
  • Table top- Plates, silverware and glassware.


All of these items factor into creating an event order/quote and determining the final price per person.


What is required to reserve My Own Chef for my event?


My Own Chef requires a 25% non-refundable deposit to hold the date for a party or event.

Changes may be made to menu and guest count after the party is confirmed however, My Own Chef asks that the menu is in place 30 days prior to the party.


A guaranteed head count will be required 2 weeks prior to party or event date.
Final balance is due on or before the date of the party.


What if my guest count changes at the last minute?


My Own Chef gives a deadline to report the guaranteed head count (2 weeks prior to the event).

Typically, additional guests may be added after this date with approval from the Executive Chef; however, My Own Chef will not be able to reduce the number of guests once a guaranteed commitment has been made.

The Executive Chef will decide if My Own chef is able to accommodate the additional guests and adjust the event order accordingly.


What happens to the leftovers?


Please note that My Own Chef prepares additional portions to accommodate healthier appetites. Once all guests have eaten we consider the remaining food to be the property of My Own Chef. However, if payment has been received for guests that could not attend My Own Chef will prepare containers with left-over portions provided there is adequate cold storage.


M.O.C assumes no responsibility of the integrity of the food once our staff has departed.


When is my final payment due?


Final balance is due on or before the date of the party.