German Buffet
Cucumber & dill salad Garden salad with 2 dressings Bratwurst & Knockwurst Jaeger schnitzel with mushroom sauce Sauerkraut with caraway Hot German potato salad Green beans with bacon
German style sliced pumpernickel bread
Rolls & butter Apple strudel
Black forest cake
Iced tea Italian Buffet
Traditional Caesar salad Zucchini & yellow squash vinaigrette with bell peppers Cheese cannelloni with two sauces Rolled and stuffed flank steak Ratatouille Polenta with sage brown butter Foccacia Bread Cherry cheesecake & Biscotti
Iced tea Hill Country BBQ Creamy coleslaw
Traditional potato salad
Tomato cucumber salad with cilantro & lime Pulled Pork Slow smoked brisket Pepper beef & pork sausage All with zesty BBQ sauce
Texas style corn casserole
Borracho pinto beans
Pickles, jalapenos & onions
Jalapeno cornbread
Sliced white bread Warm cobbler & Pecan pie
Iced tea Mediterranean Buffet
Greek salad platter of Romaine, chickpeas, feta,
kalamatas, cucumbers, peperoncinis & tomatoes
Dressed in oregano vinaigrette Cucumber yogurt salad with tomatoes & fresh herbs Tabouli
assorted olives,
pita & flat breads Beef kabobs Chicken & seafood paella Chocolate kahlua flan & lemon tart
Iced tea American Buffet Corn salad
Spinach salad Meatloaf with tomato gravy Fried chicken Buttermilk mashed potatoes
Lima Beans with Bacon
Buttermilk Biscuits Blueberry linzer tart
Chocolate cake
Iced tea Mexican Buffet
Queso station:
Warm chile con queso, salsa, jalapeños & colorful chips Sliced avocado salad with red onions, tomatoes,
cilantro & lime Carne guisada
Chicken enchiladas suisas with tomatillo sauce & Swiss cheese Spanish rice
Refried beans
Warm flour & corn tortillas Chocolate cinnamon cake & Mexican wedding cookies
Iced tea Southwestern Buffet
Tossed garden greens with cucumbers,
tomatoes & ranch dressing Tomato, red onion & avocado salad Grilled banquet steak with tobacco onions Grilled chicken breast with corn relish Tomatillo rice
Fire roasted vegetables
Ranch rolls Margarita tart &
Pecan decadence cake
Iced tea Fajita Buffet
Tortilla soup with classic garnishes
Shredded iceberg salad layered with diced tomatoes, cilantro & lime vinaigrette Beef & chicken fajitas marinated in southwestern spices,
tossed with bell peppers & onions served with cheddar cheese,
sour cream, homemade salsa & warm tortillas Borracho beans
Rice tossed with corn & carrots
Fire roasted vegetables
Tortilla chips & salsa Margarita tart & flan
Iced tea Deli Buffet Tossed garden greens with cucumbers & tomatoes and choice of two salad dressings Pasta salad with fresh vegetables in a lite vinaigrette dressing Broccoli salad with red peppers & pinenuts in a lemony mayonnaise dressing Cold deli display to include:
Baked ham, roast beef, smoked turkey breast, salami, Swiss, cheddar and Monterrey jack cheeses Garnished with:
Lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, pickles Mayonnaise and mustard Served with: Sesame buns & assorted sliced breads Fresh fruit salad, cookies
Iced tea Enhance your buffet experience with a coffee bar Standard coffee bar:
Regular & decaf coffee, regular creamers, sugar & sweeteners Gourmet coffee bar:
Starbucks regular & decaf coffee, hot green & chai teas,
regular & flavored creamers, sugar & sweeteners Hors d’oeuvre Reception Butler passed:
Alsatian onion tart Sourdough rounds with venison
Sausage and cream cheese with Pickapeppa sauce Noisettes of chicken wrapped in bacon with dates & fresh jalapeno Tabled hors’doeuvres:
Hummus & baba ghanoush martinis with pita chip & roasted red pepper garnish Imported & domestic cheese display garnished with fresh berries & served with fine crackers Grilled & marinated vegetable display Carved Peppered beef tenderloin served with horseradish cream & tart cherry demi-glace assorted small rolls Assorted cheesecake & brownie bites
Iced tea

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